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I wish you an orgasmic year 2024 !

Small reminder for 2024 :
Life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens FOR you, THROUGH you.

Every year, January is a month of resolutions and hopes. If we see these hopes as magnificent surprises that life has to offer us in the year to come, we rarely see our resolutions as gestures of love that we wish to offer to ourselves, we rather consider them as punishments for not being good enough human beings the year before. We think of our resolutions in terms of right and wrong: what did I do wrong last year and what do I need to do better this year? These notions of good and bad are unfortunately rarely correlated with our real well-being.
If we don’t like sports, joining a gym club won’t make us more eager to practice some. If we feel we need to lose weight, considering a newsome diet will not solve the underlying problem, namely our relationship with food. If we want to quit smoking, knowing that it is a bad habit for our body will not be enough to motivate us, otherwise we would never have started in the first place.

For each resolution, if we can answer the question “why?” with a response directly linked to who we are, to the love we have for ourselves, and not to yet another societal diktat, this is how we can find a true desire and the strength to hold on to certain of them and to abandon those that do not belong to us. The result of each of these resolutions is supposed to bring us joy every time we think about it so that we can hold on to that feeling when we doubt or are about to give up.

In 2023, my resolution was to replace the fears still present in my life with light, faith that there was some form of benevolent magic in the universe. So I changed my vision of the world to transform every little everyday event, good or bad, into a magical moment, like a child who marvels at trivial things

In 2024, filled with this magic, I have decided to believe in my dreams (at the age of 51, it was about time!). I wrote them down on a sheet of paper and started thinking about the first step I could take for each one, confident that the concierge of the universe would take care of the rest.

So, for 2024, I invite you to dream, to dream as much as possible, without limits, and to observe the joy that those dreams fill you with. For your first resolution, I therefore urge you to build an indestructible faith for yourself – you will see that it is a long-term job which requires a big change in your vision of the world and of yourself – that these dreams can, one day, become your reality. And what can be more orgasmic than achieving one’s dreams ?

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