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Our Hormones

Our endocrine system is a set of glands and cells that produces hormones and releases them into our blood. Hormones are natural substances that act as chemical messengers between different parts of our body. They control many functions including growth, sexual functions and reproduction, sleep, hunger, mood and metabolism.

In my young adult life, my monthly hormonal cycle has always induced mood swings quite close to an attenuated form of bipolarity: I had a euphoric phase about ten days around my ovulation and a depressive phase with suicidal tendancies the week before my period. It took me several years to understand that those mood swings were linked to my cycle and the second psychotherapist I consulted helped me treating my depressive phases with a very effective homeopathy cocktail which is also used to treat postpartum syndrome. During this famous end-of-cycle week, I also encounter several sleepless nights – my brain simply much less secretes melatonin (sleep hormone) – and my immune system is weakened, making me permeable to almost all viruses that cross my path during this period. At last, my hormonal cycle also has an impact on my gums that bleed and swell during my period.

Due to our physiology or age, some of our hormone-producing organs sometimes simply stop working such as our pancreas, which regulates sugar and fat assimilation in our body, which induces diabetes, or our thyroid gland, which regulates growth and metabolism, which affects our weight and mood. In this case, we have to appeal to drug chemistry to produce the missing hormones like insulin for diabetics or thyroid hormones; however, the dosage remaining specific to each metabolism because each body has a unique way of functioning, it often takes several months to find the right one.

Our hormones can have other amazing effects on our bodies: About 15 years ago, I had a huge plantar wart under each foot that I had unsuccessfully tried to get rid of for several years. I also had benign, painless warts that looked like moles that adorned my appendicitis scar. When I came off birth control pills, which I had been on for a decade, the warts on my appendicitis scar started to swell slightly and itch. After several day, all the warts on my body desintegrated and I never had any again. My birth control pills, and the resulting hormonal imbalance, had made my body vulnerable to warts.

Our body chemistry is unique for each individual. It is very fluctuating and its balance quite precarious. It is sensitive to our external environment, including stress or food. It is therefore very important, as for the rest of our body, to be attentive to its specific functioning and its potential dysfunctions in order to live in harmony with it, make up for its shortcomings and repair what can be repaired.

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