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Our consciousness is our essence, the uniqueness that makes us who we are from the very first day of our lives, before our culture and upbringing “distorts” us. It is our brain’s (and body’s) pilot, the one that writes new lines of code, allowing us to experience new things and acquire new knowledge according to our life goals.

Our Behaviours

Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice.


Benevolence is simply looking at the world around us with love and compassion...



Are we plainly aware of what we have ? Do we measure how rich we already are in our daily lives ?

We live on automatism and are rarely aware of what we are doing and why

Conscious Choices

Each of our actions is an affirmation of who we are.

What fears rule our lives ?


What fears rule our life and how do we get rid of them ?

What's an Ego ?

The Ego

Our Ego is a capricious child who rules our life.

Are we masters or slaves of time ?


Are we masters or slaves of our time ?

Reflex Emotions

Are we the real masters of our emotions and behaviours ?

Judgement does not define the judged one but the one judging.

Judgement and Self-Love

What kind of image of ourselves do we see in our mirror everyday ?

During childhood, our beliefs are unlimited: we live in a magical universe and we believe that we can become what we want. But what remains of this imaginary world when we grow up ?

Beliefs and Faith

If beliefs limit us, faith gives us wings to fly towards our dreams.

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