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Regularly, quotes or events inspire me small thoughts on our daily life and lead me to reflect on the way we act or the way we perceive the world. I’ve decided to share these little thoughts with you in this section, hoping that they will in turn inspire you and accompany you a little further on your journey.

To be Woke or not to be

Are our contents really as open-minded and inclusive as we think?

The Elders

The Concept of Separation

Why do we think that elders were never people like us?

Ideas versus Thoughts

Ideas vs Thoughts

Are our thoughts our inner voice or merely an illusion?


The Waffle of Love

It is impossible to love evryone and to loved by everyone no matter how hard we try...

Rewriting our Story

Are we that desperate a people that we'd rather erase our past than create a gorgeous future ?

The "I have to" Book of Law

Do you know the "I have to" Book of Law ?

The Civilization

What are the criteria to know if we are still civilized people? If not, what can we do better?

The Other One

Why do we fear so much other human beings just because they are different from us?

Endorsing full responsability

Why do we fear so much to do things the wrong way? And what would really happen if we did?

Values vs Principles

Principles box us in, values open us up. Which one will win the fight ?

The Case of Wrath

Getting acquainted with our angers allows us to tame them.

An eye for an eye

Revenge or Forgiveness

Revenge is an endless pain circle from which we cannot get out victorious.

Getting old is a chance

Getting Old

How do we feel about aging and about the one we call "old"?

A Diet Life

Do we want to live a life reduced in emotion as our butter is reduced in fat?

When a girl loves a boy


Are all our actions really inhabited by an intention?

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