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Géraldine Claudel - Life Coach

You need Guidance ?

As a sports coach helps an athlete to work on his muscles to prepare a competition, I help people who call on me to strengthen their lives with themselves, helping them to get rid of interference from their childhood and the wishes of our society, to determine and achieve their own life goals. Thanks to active listening, to relevant and acurate questions, to my ability to synthesize and rephrase their words to help them see things more clearly and to the tools I make available to them, I coach the persons who contact me so they develop a better self-image and gain the self-confidence they need to live a life that suits them. I help them develop the strategy that goes with their next life goal and accompany them each step of the way.

We all have moments in our life when we are lost, when our life does not satisfy us, when we have everything to be happy but yet we have the deep feeling that something is missing.

If you’re stuck at that crossroads, I can help you sort out between what suits you, what resembles you, and what you want to leave behind. You are the only one who knows who you truly are and what you really want, but I can guide you to start a dialogue with your inner self and start or continue the journey towards the life you dream of.

If the discover-yourself adventure tempts you, you can contact me to schedule a free video coaching session which will allow us to assess your situation and needs and to define your objectives and wishes. Then, if you’re interested, we can agree on a life coaching session planning to help you move forward hand in hand with me until you regain your confidence and serenity on the path you have chosen.

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