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Open your mind - Become the protagonist of your life

"Happiness is a way of being and ways can be taught"

Matthieu Ricard

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My name is Géraldine Claudel, I am 50 years old et I am a Life Coach. With this blog, I intend to share with you all the knowledge and experiences I’ve acquired throughout my life to help you, as I did for myself, create a life that resembles you and brings you happiness.

G-Spotlight September 2023

"You can not make everyone happy, you’re not a waffle."

A few day ago, I read that Margaret Meadows, a famous 20th century anthropologist, once responded to a student who asked her how one determines if a society was civilized: “by a broken and re-welded femur.” She then clarified her point by explaining that, in nature, an animal with a broken femur could no longer eat nor drink and was therefore doomed to death long before its bone had time to heal.

The reason why a living being can survive a broken femur is because another living being is taking care of it, feeding it and protecting it while it heals. So the question is: are we still a civilized people?

Our Consciousness

Often, we confuse our consciousness and our brain, the pilot and the machine. But who’s really in charge, you or your brain ? 

Our consciousness is our essence, our soul as the most spiritual calls it

Our Body

Our body is our temple, it is our consciousness’s home. However we cannot move out of our body when our life changes; we thus have to cherish it and take good care of it.

Human Beings

We are composed of 3 inseparable parts that are interdependent and evolve in precarious balance in the physical world that we inhabit: Our consciousness, our brain and our body.

Consciousness, Brain and Body

Small Thoughts about Life

Values vs Principles

Principles box us in, values open us up. Which one will win the fight ?

The "I have to" Book of Law

Do you know the "I have to" Book of Law ? Then why do you follow its rules ?

The Case of Wrath

Getting acquainted with our angers allows us to tame them.

Small Remedies

Our Food

Is our food beneficial or harmful to us ?


Meditation is a great tool to connect with our inner self.


A small potion to get rid of annoying warts.

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