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Open your mind - Become the protagonist of your life

"Happiness is a way of being and ways can be taught"

Matthieu Ricard

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My name is Géraldine Claudel, I am 51 years old et I am a Life Coach. With this blog, I intend to share with you all the knowledge and experiences I’ve acquired throughout my life to help you, as I did for myself, create a life that resembles you and brings you happiness.

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If you like reading my insights about life, come and join me for a read in my Substack “Café 42”, the Café of Life, the Universe and Everything. I welcome you every week to share with you my weekly and week-end specials, a cocktail of my life and spiritual adventures filled with music, books, love and magic. Cheers!

G-Spotlight May 2024

When a girl loves a boy

Sometimes all it takes is one unfortunate word, one misunderstood innocent gesture to shatter a relationship we thought was solid or for a trivial event to take an unexpected turn, leaving us hurt and inconsolable. But, are our actions, and by extension those of others, really directed with intentions?
A few months ago, I realized something that radically transformed my perspective on the world and on my relationships with others. on that day, my mother explained to me that, a few days earlier, she had one of her cousins ​​on the phone who spent her entire conversation complaining, enumerating all of her pains and making a list of everything that was going wrong in her life. The thing is that my mother, in a few sentences, by describing her cousin’s behavior, had just described her own for the past decades  and noticed no direct or distant link whatsoever with herself…

Our Consciousness

Often, we confuse our consciousness and our brain, the pilot and the machine. But who’s really in charge, you or your brain ? 

Our consciousness is our essence, our soul as the most spiritual calls it

Our Body

Our body is our temple, it is our consciousness’s home. However we cannot move out of our body when our life changes; we thus have to cherish it and take good care of it.

Human Beings

We are composed of 3 inseparable parts that are interdependent and evolve in precarious balance in the physical world that we inhabit: Our consciousness, our brain and our body.

Consciousness, Brain and Body

Small Thoughts about Life

The Civilization

What are the criteria to know if we are still civilized people? If not, what can we do better?

The Other One

Why do we fear so much other human beings just because they are different from us?

Rewriting our Story

Are we so desperate that we must erase our past rather than create a bright future?

Small Remedies

Our Food

Is our food beneficial or harmful to us ?


Meditation is a great tool to connect with our inner self.


A small potion to get rid of annoying warts.

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