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Open your mind - Become the protagonist of your life

"Happiness is a way of being and ways can be taught"

Matthieu Ricard

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My name is Géraldine Claudel, I am 51 years old et I am a Life Coach. With this blog, I intend to share with you all the knowledge and experiences I’ve acquired throughout my life to help you, as I did for myself, create a life that resembles you and brings you happiness.

G-Spotlight February 2024

Ideas versus Thoughts

Since our earliest childhood, our brain has endlessly provided us with continuous trains of thoughts, so much so that this process has become to us as natural as breathing, an automatism that we never question. Some, quite rightfully, call that process the narrator’s voice because it constantly comments, without us even paying attention, on our life and highlights the way we judge it.

If we look or listen to our thoughts more closely, we quickly realize that they are just the incessant “chatter” of our brain and that our brain is a particularly talkative “entity”! Designed as a problem-solving tool necessary for our adaptation and our survival in our immediate environment, it offers us, at every moment of our life, possibilities to adapt to our surroundings or resolve the problems we encounter, or not. Indeed, as our brain contains also our imaginative tool, the one which allows us to visualize all our dreams, or nightmares, in our mind and thus imagine the worst as well as the best to come.

Our Consciousness

Often, we confuse our consciousness and our brain, the pilot and the machine. But who’s really in charge, you or your brain ? 

Our consciousness is our essence, our soul as the most spiritual calls it

Our Body

Our body is our temple, it is our consciousness’s home. However we cannot move out of our body when our life changes; we thus have to cherish it and take good care of it.

Human Beings

We are composed of 3 inseparable parts that are interdependent and evolve in precarious balance in the physical world that we inhabit: Our consciousness, our brain and our body.

Consciousness, Brain and Body

Small Thoughts about Life

The Civilization

What are the criteria to know if we are still civilized people? If not, what can we do better?

The Other One

Why do we fear so much other human beings just because they are different from us?

Rewriting our Story

Are we so desperate that we must erase our past rather than create a bright future?

Small Remedies

Our Food

Is our food beneficial or harmful to us ?


Meditation is a great tool to connect with our inner self.


A small potion to get rid of annoying warts.

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