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Human Beings

The following exposition is my acquired over decades understanding of how human beings function. Though this is my vision of who we are, I’m not claiming it’s the only one, it is just mine: we are spiritual beings experiencing a human life.This point of view allowed me to better understand myself and to achieve an optimal daily way of life.

According to my understanding, we are composed of 3 inseparable parts that are interdependent and evolve in precarious balance in the physical world that we inhabit:


Our consciousness is our essence, our soul as the most spiritual calls it

The way I see it is that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. Our consciousness is therefore our essence, the uniqueness that makes us who we are from the very first day of our life. Thus, for me, our consciousness is our soul, our piece of the divine (notion often misguided by religions and therefore unfortunately negatively connoted ; nevertheless, spirituality has allowed me to integrate the sometimes inexplicable events and to choose to include a spark of magic into my daily life), this small luminous voice which lives inside each one of us, made out of love and omniscience, and that regularly whispers in our ear to encourage us to take one path rather than another. In my view, our consciousness chose its characteristics to represent itself in the physical world before we were born; these characteristics are our character and physical traits, our emotional and physical strengths and weaknesses, everything that makes us unique from one another.
When you have a child, you realize very quickly that, starting from his or her first hours of life, he/she already has a character of his/her own with very strong reactions to his/her new environment, even though he/she is “brand new” and that his/her environment has not yet had time to “format” him/her.
I see us as beings of pure consciousness who have integrated a physical world to experience themselves in a playful way, a bit as though life were a video game in which each player is autonomous in a virtual universe while being an integral part of a large omniscient platform to which he/she has only partial access. As in a game, we live adventures, more or less pleasant, but in which one of our primary goals is to enjoy, to take pleasure in experiencing a myriad of different things and situations.

The Brain

Our brain is the computer that connects our consciousness to our physical body. Like a computer with an Operating System, our brain is our consciousness’s learning center in the physical world; during our childhood, it stores up, not always wisely, our knowledge and memories to help us get through life safely. But, even though this computer is autonomous during our childhood, it quickly needs new data and updates to function afterwards: our new adult experiences are supposed to be used as new lines of code in phase with our understanding of the world and who we truly are so that our brain can be the best possible connection tool between our conscience, which agenda is to live a maximum of positive experiences in the physical world, and our body.
However, quite often, we live our life unaware of the fact that we can change our way of thinking, that is to say rewrite our lines of code, ad infinitum and we accomodate with our childhood basic software. This software is a survival one with learning modules that do not evolve. Once a learning is anchored, it is life lasting if our consciousness does not modify it. It induces reflex emotions linked to our childhood life experiences which, if they were relevant when we were one year old, are much less so when we are 40; in addition, it is based on “truths/beliefs” which we were taught at a time when we didn’t have the tools to validate or invalidate them.

Human Body

The human body is the shell that allows us to exist in the physical world; it is our temple, our consciousness’s house that we will inhabit throughout our lives. It should therefore be treated with kindness because it is impossible to exchange it. The initial principle is that our consciousness chooses its body, and had good reasons for making this choice even though we don’t remember them and this body does not suit our ego because it does not match the canons of beauty imposed upon us by our society. It is therefore important to love our body as it is, to be proud of it, because, even when we mistreat it or think badly of it, it resists and keeps on carrying us wherever we want to go the best way it can.
Our body is unique: it has a unique way of functioning and a unique way of dysfunctioning; it is therefore very important to listen to it regularly and learn to know what does and does not suit it. The better you know your body, the better you will be able to cure it or point the doctor in the right direction when it is sick.
Our body is gendered: we are either female or male or a bit of both, or whatever we decide or feel we are. Nevertheless, contrary to what society leads us to think, our body is not sexual. It is the envelope that allows us to evolve in the physical world but sex does not define it, any more than sexual activity can be a purpose in life.

As I was saying in introduction, these 3 elements are in constant search of harmony and balance in a constantly changing world, where each situation is synonymous of positive or negative emotions. This quest for harmony is guiding each of my steps on an everyday basis with, as primary goals, whatever the circumstances, enjoy myself and have fun. Of course, like everyone else, I often get lost on my path; yet, I always seem to be meeting kind people on the way to help me find myself again.

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