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Our body is our temple, it is our consciousness’s or our soul’s home for the most spiritual of us. However, unlike a house from which we can move out any time according to our life changes, our body is not interchangeable; we thus have to cherish it and take care of it because there is only one available.

How It Works

Like a computer with an Operating System, our brain is the learning center of our consciousness.

Our Brain

Can you handle its internal software ?

Can our immune system defend our body against bacteria, microbes and viruses in an optimum way?

Our Immunity

Do you know how to optimize your immune defenses?

Are we the masters or the slaves of our sexuality ?

Our Sexuality

What does our view of sexuality imply?

Blood stream throughout human body

Our Blood

What is blood and what does an efficient blood circulation involve?

What can happen if we don't take good care of our skin ?

Our Skin

Our skin is our armor against viruses. Let's protect it!

Hormones are natural substances that control many functions including growth, reproduction, sexual functions, sleep, hunger, mood and metabolism.

Our Hormones

A precarious and necessary balance for our well-being.

Small Remedies

Meditation is the act to create a peaceful space inside oneself


Meditation is a great tool to connect with our inner self.

Our Food

Is our food beneficial or harmful to us ?


Is our slumber quality psychological or physiological ?

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