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The Human Body

Our body is our temple, it is our consciousness’s or our soul’s home for the most spiritual of us. However, unlike a house from which we can move out any time according to our life changes, our body is not interchangeable; we thus have to cherish it and take care of it because there is only one available.

Our body is unique: it has a unique way of functioning and a unique way of malfunctioning; it is therefore very important to regularly listen to it to learn what suits it and what does not. The better we know our body, the better we are able to cure it or point the doctor in the right direction when it is sick.

Our body is a pole of energy. Indeed, under the effect, among other things, of the pulsations of our heart, the blood circulation resulting from it and our brain electrical activity, our body vibrates; this vibration evolves throughout our life, according to our emotional state and our age: for example, as our body metabolism slows down when we age, its vibration changes as well, the same goes with stress which induces our heart to race. Interestingly, according to recent studies, it is our body vibration that attracts mosquitoes and not our blood taste or smell.

Our body needs food and rest to function properly. In that matter as well, our body functioning is very specific: we do not all assimilate the same food in the same way – some food allow us to be healthy, other make us sick – and we do not all need the same amount of sleep

Our belly is our gravity center – it is our body balance point – and our energy center – it is through it that energy passes before being dispatched through our limbs, organs and brain. It is also our immune defences center, which are for most part created by our intestinal flora. Depending on how we breathe and what food we eat, our belly is our primal source of well-being or our primal source of disturbance.

Our skin is our protective envelope which, like our body, is unique; it has a very fragile specific balance that allows it to defend itself against external attacks: Cold, heat, sun rays, infections…

Our bodies are gendered: we are either female or male. It has nothing to do with our sexual orientation or how we feel inside, it is simply our reproduction of the species ability. Indeed, contrary to what society leads us to think, our body is not sexual. It is the envelope that allows us to evolve in the physical world but the sex of our body does not define us. Sexual activity, whether recreational or related to reproduction, is just one among many other activities that the body can practice and enjoy.

Our body is neither beautiful nor ugly nor sexually oriented, in whole or in part; it is perfect in its body function because that is just what it is: our body. As an integral and essential part of our being, we should love it, respect it in its strengths and weaknesses, and take good care of it as best we can. After all, it is the best friend that takes us everywhere we want to go.

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