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Géraldine Claudel - Life Coach

My name is Géraldine Claudel and I am 50 years old. This blog is the sum of knowledge and experiences that I have acquired – and continue to acquire – throughout my whole life; it all allowed me to survive a tumultuous beginning of life and to build a life that resembles me, fills me with happiness, bliss and inner peace on a daily basis. What is exposed here worked for me and I hope that some of it can also help you in your everyday life. However, I don’t claim to be a Truth bearer for there are as many truth as human beings and I only can share with you mine.

After an unstable and chaotic youth, littered with self-destructive behaviors, I experienced a severe nervous breakdown at age 28 which led me, one winter evening, to choose whether I’d rather die or find a solution to end the acute distress and pain that I was constantly enduring. Despite this very dark period during which I could barely leave my home because the other people’s gaze upon me – and, of course, the ruthless judgment I projected into it – was unbearable, I had the conviction, deep down inside of me – the kind of little light that flashes in the dark to indicate emergency exit – that I could get better, that life wasn’t supposed to be that way, and most importantly, that I couldn’t be such a lousy human being as I thought I was.

So I started my first psychotherapy which lasted 2 years. During this therapy, I learned to distinguish the different voices that spoke inside of me: mine, my mother’s one who raised me as a single mom, and society’s one. Once I had identified all these voices, I had to learn to hear mine and to listen to it only. At the same time, as things never happen by chance, my best friend gave me Louise L. Hay’s book “Transform your life” which offered me the basics to start learning how to love myself for who I am and, for the first time in my life, taught me that I didn’t live in a hostile Universe but in a benevolent one and that no danger of imminent death awaited me around every corner. Of course, it took me several years to anchor those teachings into my life.

At 33, after two failed love stories, I again felt the need to get helped because I had reached the end of the work on myself I could handle on my own. My main concern was that I had lost the ability we all have when we are a child or teenager to believe that anything is possible for our future life and that all of our dreams can come true; this belief made me infinitely sad: indeed, what is a life without hope and dreams?… The psychiatrist I consulted at that time was Jewish and a rather religious man considering the spiritual path he allowed me to embark upon. During one of our sessions, I remember telling him that I couldn’t allow myself to believe in life after death, or even in God, because my upbringing had taught me to value science and to despise any spiritual belief. He responded to me with this very simple sentence: « Does it make you happier not to believe in anything? » To what I answered him no. He then said: « I think it might be interesting for you to allow yourself to believe in what makes you happy. ».

This second stage in my development led me to integrate this “invisible” aspect, this extra magic that was missing into my life. A few months later, while I was searching for answers on a spiritual level, I attended a scriptwriting class during which, in the middle of a discussion about some movie, the teacher and one of the students entered in a debate about the existence of God which, after a few minutes, the teacher ended by inviting the student, since the subject seemed to fascinate him, to read Neale Donald Walsh’s book “Conversation with God”; he also told him that this book never came into someone’s life by chance. I bought the book the same day and it literally transformed my life. With every page I turned, I exclaimed, “I knew it! “, I felt that I was, at last, “on my way home” but the road ahead was still very long. Nevertheless, this road, obviously paved with challenges, began to become more pleasant: I met my husband – I had been living alone for more than 8 years – I moved in with him 900 km from my current home and changed profession, all in less than 6 months.

About 10 years later, after a short period of time with a new therapist to handle the stress, anxieties and hormonal moodswings linked to my daughter’s birth, I found myself jostled by life again entertwined in a professional conflict. While cleaning and arranging my bookshelves, at a time in my life when I needed new answers, I came across Neale Donald Walsch’s book “The Only Thing that Matters” I had bought several years before with no recollection of it, tucked it away behind other books and never read it. This book allowed me to start working on benevolence and gratitude to change my vision of the events that occured in my life. It was also at that time that I decided to resume to meditation that I had left aside for a long time.

For the next few years, I litteraly run through life without catching my breath between the business I started with my husband and my daughter’s education. Before my daughter’s birth, armed with the various personal development techniques that I had experienced on myself and the lessons that I had learned from them, I had started working as a Life Coach with several people who needed guidance, whether they needed help to get through difficult times in their lives or simply to prepare for exams. My daughter’s arrival brought some chaos into my daily life that forced me to postpone this activity until later, even if I kept certain aspects of it within the work I did for the company I had created: I coached young musicians in their career development.

In 2022, a new event stopped me in my tracks and forced me to reflect upon the life I wanted to live in the years to come. I had been thinking about resuming to my life coach job where I had left it for a few months already. The idea of this blog came to me directly with it because I wanted to share my knowledge about life with others, as all the books I had read had helped me at some point in my life, and offer my help to those who needed it as a Life Coach to guide them on their life path. I thus begin today this new chapter of my life with you hoping that I can be of service to you as best as I can.

GClaudel4@Luc Naville BD

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